Through the establishment of WiseTech, Inc. in 2006 Tokyo, Japan.
We have launched a new brand termed Nobunaga Labs in 2014.

Nobunaga Labs heavily values the quality of its manufactured wires.
The main priority of the production process is to execute various examinations
of the wires in order to procure the flawless performance and sound.
We are committed to offer the cables assembled
by these diligently processed wires exclusively.

We stand by the quality of our work. High quality products and
customer service are guaranteed at an affordable price.
Nobunaga Labs is ultimately formed by the boundless passions for
music as it continues to challenge itself to discover
the superior sound through development and research.

NOBUNAGA Labs High Class Supreme series
Harmonious and overwhelming spatial expression

4N pure silver Gold-plating wire for natural sound and high resolution.

The 4N pure silver wire, which allows enables delicate and expressive
reproduction, achieves balanced natural and vibrant mid-range while
maintaining a clear high range with gold-plated wire.

In addition, it consists total 35 pcs of wire, the middle size wire
consists 7 smallest wires and it becomes 5 middle size wires,
expressing even the slightest sound change.

In addition, by circularizing the conductor, the flexibility and
durability of the conductor itself is dramatically improved.
Stable signal transmission is possible even when exposed to
bending or rapid temperature changes.

New conductor of 3 types of mixture, which was developed by uniquely combining the wire material.
By focusing on gold plating 4N pure silver gold plating,
and using 4N silver and 6N OCC as one core wire,
a three-dimensional sound field space with excellent resolution, depth, and height is realized.
It produces a clear and expansive mid-high range and a tight low end,
producing a natural andexpansive rich sound.
In addition, 33 cores per core, 4 cores structure brings out a rich sound with depth and a high range
that is transparent and draws out a low range with a quick response and a lively feeling, over all bands.


Celebrating its third anniversary, Nobunaga Labs has
proudly launched the Hybrid Cable Series.

The Hybrid Cable Series offer unique sound characteristics
by expanding the capabilities of the soundstage wider and
tautening the bass frequencies with more control.


Black edition

By producing OFC tin plating with the original technology,
we realized dynamic and delicate mid-bass and excellent sound quality.