4N pure silver Gold-plating wire for natural sound and high resolution

The 4N pure silver wire, which allows enables delicate and expressive reproduction, achieves balanced natural and vibrant mid-range while maintaining a clear high range with gold-plated wire. In addition, it consists total 35 pcs of wire, the middle size wire consists 7 smallest wires and it becomes 5 middle size wires, expressing even the slightest sound change.
In addition, by circularizing the conductor, the flexibility and durability of the conductor itself is dramatically improved. Stable signal transmission is possible even when exposed to bending or rapid temperature changes.

High Satisfaction Heat Shrink Tube

TPU with many excellent characteristics such as flexible, wear resistance, elasticity and toughness.
the touch noise reduction provides a comfortable feel.

Cable configuration with minimal degradation of audio signal

Balance connection uses the player's LR for each amplifier and crosstalk is extremely suppressed for more spatial expression. The eight-core configuration is designed to maximize the effectiveness of balanced connections.

Minimize transmission loss

Y parts soldering, which induces electrical resistance, is used in the bonding process for an ideal design that does not change the original characteristics of the cable.

High quality plug

The plug is made of 24K gold plating in Japan, providing a stable connection environment and high conductivity. In addition, after flash plating, special treatments have been added to prevent problems such as oxidative corrosion in the long run.
NOBUNAGA Labs original shell is matte black design, simple and luxury.

IPX Connectors

The connector part is 24K gold plated to suppress contact resistance and achieve high electrical conductivity. In addition, we have pursued high-precision processing down to the smallest detail and have achieved a high level of precision. In addition, the shell has a molding process that minimizes troubles when putting on and taking off.
The NOBUNAGA Labs shell parts have a slit design, with black and red lines printed on the grooves so that they do not peel off after long use. (L side: black / R side: red)
* This product uses a connector approved by Estron, which has a patent right for the IPX connector.
* Do not remove the silicon ring on the connector.

Y parts with stability

The Y parts and cable slider are anodized in black aluminum to emphasize simplicity and luxury.
It is easy to use because its length can be adjusted even when moving.

・ Cable: 8cores of gold-plated 4N Pure silver
・ Cable length: 120cm
・ Ear hook: No wire
・ Cable slider: black slider
・ Plug: 4.4mm 5pole plug (NLP-PRO-TP4.4)
・ Connector : Gold plated IPX KIT (NLP-IPX-DIY)
・ Impedance: Less than 0.5Ω
・ Warranty: 3 months

Ultimate Ears:UE LIVE、UE18+Pro、UE11Pro、UE Pro Reference Remastered、UE7Pro、UE6Pro、UE5Pro