Shoukaku Hayate

Black edition upgrade series

Tin-plated OFC re-cable with high-density mid-low range and excellent sound quality.

By producing OFC tin plating with the original technology,
we realized dynamic and delicate mid-bass and excellent sound quality.

8cores Tin-plated OFC cable for Achieve rich sound

nobunagalabs shoukaku

By using ultra-fine, high-purity oxygen-free copper 133pcs of wire, expressing even the slightest sound change. It provides a natural and lively mid-bass.
It is also tinned to give the sound rich reverberation and thickness, and provides a deep, responsive sound with high frequencies of colorful growth.
By making the conductor in a circular shape, the flexibility and durability of the conductor itself have been dramatically improved.
It acts as a stable signal transmission even when bent or exposed to sudden temperature changes.

Original technology Symmetric Braid Matrix

nobunagalabs shoukaku

By making the twist direction of the anode and cathode the same, the resistance is suppressed, making the flow of the electrical signal smoother.

Configuration that minimizes crosstalk of audio signals

nobunagalabs shoukaku

The left and right separation is improved to prevent cross-talk, and the grounding part is separated and consists of 4 cores.

Minimization of transmission loss

nobunagalabs shoukaku

The transmission loss is minimized by removing the solder joint process which causes electrical resistance, and the cables are hand-twisted one by one with a same pitch.

High quality plug

nobunagalabs shoukaku

The plug is made of 24K gold plating in Japan, providing a stable connection environment and high conductivity. In addition, after flash plating, special treatments have been added to prevent problems such as oxidative corrosion in the long run.
NOBUNAGA Labs original shell is matte black design, simple and luxury.

Original design MMCX connector

nobunagalabs shoukaku

nobunagalabs shoukaku

The connector part is 24K gold plated to suppress contact resistance and exhibit high electrical conductivity. In addition, the molding process inside the shell minimizes disconnection problems.
The NOBUNAGA Labs shell parts have a slit design, with black and red lines printed on the grooves so that they do not peel off after long use. (L side: black / R side: red)

WBT silver solder

nobunagalabs shoukaku

Cable stopper with stability

nobunagalabs shoukaku

The cable stopper and cable slider are anodized in black aluminum to emphasize simplicity and luxury.
It is easy to use because its length can be adjusted even when moving.

Cryogenic cryoprocessing

nobunagalabs shoukaku

-156 ℃ / 72 hours of proprietary low-temperature processing to eliminate distortion of molecular arrangement, reduce electrical resistance, reduce noise and distortion, enabling clear and three-dimensional spatial expression and rich sound with an excellent S/N ratio.


・CABLE : Tin plated OFC 8cores

・LENGTH: 120cm


・PLUG : 3.5mm 3pole Gold plated (NLP-PRO-TP3.5)

・Cable Stopper/Slider : Nobunaga custom Cable Stopper / Slider

・IMPEDANCE : Less than 0.09Ω

・CRYOGENIC PROCESSED : Put in -156 ºC low temperature for 72 hours.


Ultimate ears:UE900(S)
Astell&Kern :AK T8iE・AK T8iE MkII

※ It is not intended to guarantee the operation of all of the product.

・PACKAGE : 80*17*145(mm)